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Robert Fishman

Good afternoon,
I am a freelance journalist for German, Swiss and Austrian magazines and radio. In January I have visited Rotterdam for travel reporting. You can find a sample of my reports here

Since I am specialized in sustainability of city planning, development and economy I have suggested reports to German National radio and the magazine enorm about Rotterdam and the Randstad area as an example of city planning, city development and economy in transformation to more sustainability.
During my last stay in Rotterdam I have heard about antikraak wonen providing less expensive shelter and thus preventing houses from rotting whilst not habitated. I would very much like to do a report on this idea. Unfortunately I can’t speak Dutch and don’t read it easily, just getting the main sens of what you tell on your website.

So I wonder if you can send me information in German or English and if it would be possible to meet somebody of the organization and some antikrakwooners during my next stay in Rotterdam Jun 13 or 14.

Thank you very much for your answer
all the best yrs
Robert B. Fishman
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